I watched the new one last night and I had some issues.

I first must address the obvious. The Mothras in the movie look horrible. Look at that rendering of Godzilla — he looks really scaly and his size is perfectly imposing. The Mothras are all straight lines, boxy looking. They try to trick us by always shooting the Mothras in the dark. It’s like they blew all of their CGI budget on Godzilla and the moths were a complete after thought.

Which was then confusing because I thought Godzilla was going to be the evil creature mankind needed to stop from destroying our cities. No, Godzilla is the hero of the movie! The Mothras are intending to breed and, I guess, destroy the planet. Godzilla is the apex predator that stops them. Humans are rendered useless because our most powerful weapons use radiation, which is what all these monsters feed on. What if there was a female/male Godzilla out there? Isn’t that just as dangerous.

The trailer was totally false advertising. In one of them they show a half-faced statue of liberty. None of the monsters get anywhere close to New York. The preview also made it seem like Bryan Cranston is our main protagonist. The movie starts out this way. Cranston is playing an incredibly worried engineer at a nuclear power plant in Japan. They’ve getting weird seismic readings.

Mrs. Cranston also works at the plant. When the poop hits the fan, she gets trapped in a cloud of radiation. Cranston has to close the door on her to keep everyone else from getting killed. This is an incredible scene. They kill Brian Cranston just five scenes later, he’s in the path of one of the Mothras, which of course is ready to hatch right as Cranston and his son arrive. 

With respect to Ken Watanabe and David Strathairn (both actors I like), Brian Cranston is the best actor in the movie. Why did you kill him off before Godzilla even shows up? I thought you were going to go with the Independence Day playbook and Cranston would be the crazy scientist, Jeff Goldblum, who solves this crisis.

So instead, Cranston’s son, who is young and handsome, is our lead protagonist. Typical Hollywood move, to kill off the middle-aged character actor and have the wooden hunk, (he’s not especially good) carry the movie. This is why no one knew what Cranston was capable of until Breaking Bad.

It’s so weird. It’s like there’s half of a good movie in here. All of the buildup to the monsters being released is fantastic.