My Favorite Comedy Villains

Warning: an inordinate amount of these will be from Will Ferrell movies. 

Honarable mentions: Zach from Wedding Crashers, Roger Wesley from The Other Guys, David Ershon from the Other GuysKing Argotron from Role Models, and Mr. Chow from the Hangover.

5. Shooter McGavin

I just saw two big fat naked bikers off 17 having sex. How am I supposed to chip with that going on? 

4. Derek from Step Brothers

I haven’t had a carb since 2004. 

Dane Cook. Pay-per-view. 20 minutes. Let’s Go. 

3. The Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail


2. Ted Jones from Pineapple Express

Has anyone seen my bigger knife? 

1. Jean Girard from Talladega Nights

Hakuna Matata, bitches!

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